Mobile Cinema Engages Communities

At the end of the film we ask the audience what they thought of the film. We project many films, we want to see if there was a change in their ideas regarding the themes we talk about ... We speak to the community before the film and talk about the problems they have in their community. The theme of the film was for the elections and that you should not be manipulated by the political parties. Before the last elections we projected these films and I think there was a real benefit establishing peaceful elections.
— Organiser Amina Boubalou

PDev II supported 30 youth-made films and 967 screenings. Each film contains positive messages of understanding, tolerance, and peace. After each screening, the audience was encouraged to engage in debates and discussions related to the film. An advantage of mobile cinema is that it reaches rural and remote communities in areas with very poor infrastructure. The medium was also perfectly suited for many of our target areas where there are high rates of illiteracy.