Motivating Young People in Their Education

I was born on January 1, 1995 in the rural town of Matankari. I come from a family that does not have the resources to buy schoolbooks and school supplies for me or my brothers and sisters. Before the support of PDev II, our school lacked the most basic equipment. This support allowed me to sit at a desk during my classes, instead of on the floor. However, it was when PDev II announced the student competition that I really became motivated to improve my studies. The reward of new schoolbooks for the upcoming year for the competition winner was very appealing! I put in many hard hours of study time. I went from repeating third grade, to becoming a double winner of PDev II’s competition for best student!
— Moutari Abarchi, a student from the CES of Tillabéry, Niger

The CES of Tillabéry benefitted from PDev II’s distribution of educational materials and supplies including desks, tables and school supplies such as notebooks. PDev II continued to give support to the school via a small community grant to motivate at-risk students to better their grades and continue their studies. This incentive encouraged students to stay in school.

PDev II, with the support of the Community Action Committee (CAC) in Tillabery and the school’s teachers, created a competition to reward students who obtained the best grades, improved the most from one semester to another, or obtained the best grade in a subject area.

The CES of Tillabéry is one of 102 formal and non-formal schools in Niger that benefitted from PDev II’s distribution of educational materials and supplies and/or funding to build or renovate school facilities.

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