Promoting Peace through Radio across Niger

In Diffa, for example, many youth are vulnerable to be lured by Boko Haram to join their ranks, these programs with their anti-extremism messages played a part in educating these youth about alternatives.
— Gremah Boukar Koura, the General Director of Anfani Radio and Television Station in Niamey, Niger.

In the photo [above], Gremah holds trophies awarded for work done as part of the PDev II program. 

Anfani was one of 58 radio stations that collaborated with PDev II to expand access of information through improvement in media infrastructure, systems and professionalism. The station received material support from PDev II in the form of computers, sound decks and microphones. In addition, PDev II supported the station through radio broadcast production assistance.


"We produced various programs with PDev II, we worked on programs that were transmitted during three of our five national broadcasts. These were programs that were produced with youth and religious leaders committed to promoting peace in the villages and cities of Niger. There was a real impact within the community thanks to this program...People will call the station after the broadcast of these programs asking when the new one is going to be on they are so impatient!"