Radio Listening Groups Engage Communities to Address Local Issues

We meet once per week to listen to the programs of PDev II. After listening to the broadcast, we begin a debate over the most interesting parts of the program. We also write down the results of these debates, which we give to PDev II. At every meeting we make decisions together surrounding activities to keep the community clean and other collective activities. We face problems in our community that include sanitation, healthcare and unemployment. There are benefits from listening to these productions that talk about problems in society such as alcoholism, drug abuse, unemployment and crime. The men don’t so much listen to these programs because they are working but they question their wives afterwards about what they were doing, this is when we tell them about the importance of these initiatives in our community.
— Naimatou Boubaca, President of a Listening Club in the Pas Bas neighborhood of Niamey, Niger.

Naimatou's group met once a week to listen to radio programs produced with the support of PDev II. The goal of the programs was to foster moderate voices and attitudes through radio and strengthen civil society by focusing on issue-based campaigns integrated with radio. 

The neighborhood of Pas Bas, Niamey, Niger, where the listening group met. PDev II supported the production of multiple radio programs that were broadcast throughout the country.

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