The Peace-Builders Network

I am engaged in this program because the consolidation of peace and conflict management is important.
— Imam Haladou Yahaya at the Islamic Association of Niger in Niamey, Niger.

According to Imam Haladou Yahaya, “Everybody can take part in this process to improve the life of the community. I have engaged in the peace builders network, Muslim and Christian leaders meeting together with civil society organizations. I speak often on the radio and television on various themes including all the aspects of life including religion. I also participated in social media training for youth and religious leaders of Christian and Muslim faith to use social media to fight against extremism. Ignorance and unemployment are the main problems faced by the youth today in Niger. Despite all, even in regions like Diffa, which is very vulnerable, there are religious leaders who can connect with the youth. We hope there will be a PDev III so that the population will be convinced about the importance of peace. I would like to add that it’s important that this program continues and is reinforced in the future. The outcomes have been really positive that were implemented by PDev II. It has been a real success.”

PDev II worked with more than 1,400 religious leaders to promote moderate voices and attitudes through radio, social media, civic education and conflict resolution events.