The PDev program, from start to finish, connected people and empowered them to build their own network for peace.

3 Strategic Objectives


Three integrated, mutually-reinforcing objectives sought to strengthen resilience to violent extremism in 45 communities in the Sahel.


1. EMPOWER YOUTH  by focusing on leadership, peer-to-peer civic education, and vocational and entrepreneurial skills and livelihoodLearn More →

2. AMPLIFY MODERATE VOICES  by improving access to information and connecting moderate community and religious leaders with their constituents through radio, social media, and community events. Learn More →

3. STRENGTHEN LOCAL DEMOCRACY by building the capacity of civil society and local governments to communicate with their constituents, understand citizen needs, and deliver public services. Learn More →

A Cycle of Increasing Resiliency

3 Countries

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20,897,000 population

76% live on under $2 a day

68% under age 25

Burkina Faso

18,783,000 population

Attempted coup in 2015

66% under age 25


14,826,000 population

Ranked 186 out of 188 in UNDP Human Development Report 2016

69% under age 25

Transforming Lives & Communities

Images of Progress

“This type of programming is critical to our efforts to counter violent extremism in the region.”
— William “Mac” Thornberry, Vice Chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives, after visiting PDev II projects in Agadez, Niger in April 2013.